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[17 Mar 2005|02:46pm]

AAAhahahaha. Ich verstehe jetzt. Offenbar war der Koenig, der die Toechter im Wald fand, ein anderer Koenig. So sie hat einen anderen Koenig, der nicht ihrer Vater war, geheiratet.

Dass erklaert viel.


AAAhahahaha. I get it now. Apparently the king that found the daughter in the forest was a different king. So she married a different king, not her father.

That explains a lot.
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[17 Mar 2005|01:08am]

Ich habe ein sehr bizarres Maerchen gelesen. Es heisst "Allerleirauh," und ich werde es jetzt zusammenfassen.

Koenigin: "Ich bin so schoen und habe goldene Haare! Heirate keine Frau, die nicht wie ich aussieht!" (stirbt)
Koenig: "Ach, ich bin traurig, aber wir mussen eine Koenigin habe! Aber ich kann keine Frauen finden, die wie meine tote Frau aussieht."
Raeten: "Na, deine Toechter sieht genau wie sie aus."
Toechter: "ACH ECKLIG"
Koenig: "Gute Idee!"
Toechter: "Nie werde ich Ihnen heiraten! Erst muss ich phantastiche Kleider und einen Mantel von tausenderlei Pelz haben, und DASS IST UNMOEGLICH. Ha."
Koenig: "Fertig. Die Hochzeit ist morgen!"
Toechter: "SCHEISSE"
(Die Toechter lauft weg mit ihren Kleidern, Mantel, und drei Schaetze. Sie schlieft in einem Baum.)
Jaeger: "Koenig, wir haben ein unuebliches Tier gefunden. Es hat an seiner Haut tausenderlei Pelz."
Koenig: "Dass ist mir total neu."
Toechter: "Ich bin kein Tier, sondern ein armes Kind!"
Jaeger: "Dann kannst du in der Kueche arbeiten. Du wirst 'Allerleirauh' heissen."
(Die Toechter tanzt mit dem Koenig, und er erkennt sie nicht. Er ist ganz dumm. Sie verkleidet sich mit Aschen, kucht Abendessen fuer den Koenig, und versteckt die Schaetze in den Mahlen.)
Toechter: "Ich habe einen KLUEGEN PLAN!"
Koenig: "He, ich erkenne ihren Ring."
Toechter: "SCHEISSE"
(Sie heiraten und leben vergnuegt bis zu ihrem Tod.)

...... wtf.



I have read a very bizarre fairy tale. It's called "Allerleirauh," and I will now summarize it.

Queen: "I am so pretty and have golden hair! Don't marry anyone else that doesn't look like me!" (dies)
King: "Oh, I am sad, but we must have a queen! Yet I cannot find a woman that looks like my dead wife."
Advisors: "Hey, your daughter looks exactly like her."
Daughter: "EW GROSS"
King: "Great idea!"
Daughter: "I'll never marry you! First you'd have to give me fantastic dresses and a coat made with the fur of a thousand animals, and THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Ha."
King: "Done. The wedding is tomorrow!"
Daughter: "CRAP"
(The daughter runs away with her dresses, her coat, and three treasures. She sleeps in a tree.)
Hunters: "King, we have found an unusual animal. Its coat has the fur of a thousand animals."
King: "Huh. That's totally new to me."
Daughter: "I am no animal, I'm a poor child!"
Hunters: "Oh, then you can work in the kitchens. We'll call you 'Allerleirauh.'"
(The daughter dances with the king, and he doesn't recognize her. He is extremely stupid. She disguises herself with ashes, cooks dinner for the king, and hides the treasures in the meals.)
Daughter: "I have a CLEVER PLAN!"
King: "Hey, I recognize your ring."
Daughter: "CRAP"
(They marry and live happily ever after.)

...... wtf.
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私は日本語を話すのがとてもへたです。 [27 Feb 2005|12:01am]

[ mood | blah ]



Subject: I am very unskilled at Japanese
Body: Today, there was a party at my house. There was a Japanese man. He was married to a Taiwanese woman. The Japnese man's name is Mr. Suzuki. So, Mr. Suzuki speaks both Japanese and Chinese.

Mr. Suzuki spoke Japanese with me. But, I did not understand Mr. Suzuki's Japanese. I am unskilled at Japanese.

*NOTE* The Japanese in this is probably very bad... because there were a lot of words I did not know and my sentence structure is probably horrible. One day I hope to master the art of TRUE JAPANESE! Not this crap that I'm writing!!!!

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じごくにおとす! [24 Feb 2005|06:14pm]

[ mood | distressed ]


Subject: Condemn to hell!
Body: Today, my friend was stupid. But I was stupid too. I'm sorry. I feel as if I am a horrible person.

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我的新Livejournal. [24 Feb 2005|06:03pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

我今天很累. 我十二點的時候睡了兩個小時.可是我還是很累.我心不在.


Subject: My new livejournal
Body: I was very tired today. At 12 I slept for 2 hours, but I was still tired. (lit.) My heart isn't here.

I love a boy.

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